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Importance of Admixtures for Manufacturing of Concrete for Road Pavement

Author : Akash W. Firke 1 Swapnil R. Satone 2 Rishikesh Khope 3 Valsson Varghese 4

Date of Publication :24th January 2018

Abstract: Road pavements are relentlessly exposed to high traffic loads and high temperatures which imparts negative effects on the durability of the concrete. To restore the weakened concrete properties and further to enhance the performance of the pavement an effective multifunctional material is obligatory. Admixtures are widely used for this purpose. Using fly ash in concrete may both provide economic advantages and better properties in the production of concrete. Use of polypropylene fiber in concrete has been researched in recent days. Besides in addition of fiber provide better performance for the concrete while fly ash in the mixture may adjust the workability and strength losses caused by fibers and improve strength gain, durability, density, corrosion resistance, etc. Combination of fly ash and fibers has given better performance when tested. Fly ash increases 50– 60% of compressive strength and 80 – 90% of tensile strength and fiber decreases shrinkage up to 30-40%.

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