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Study of Spray Breakup Regimes of Preheated Biodiesel Fuel

Author : P. Raghu 1 A.J Arun Theja 2 G. Ashwin Raj 3 T.G Adithya Arvind 4

Date of Publication :21st February 2018

Abstract: Spray characteristics such as spray cone angle, Sauter mean diameter (SMD) and spray tip penetration greatly influences the combustion and emission characteristics of diesel engines. The spray characteristics mainly depend on fuel viscosity, injection pressure, density of fuel, ambient pressure and temperature. This study focusses on the spray break up regimes and the effect of injection pressure and fuel temperature on the spray characteristics in a constant volume chamber using image processing techniques on Diesel and Cottonseed Oil Methyl Ester (COME). The Reynolds number, Weber number and Ohnesorge number were used to capture the primary forces including inertial force and surface tension. The main objective of this work is to obtain the non-dimensional correlations for Sauter mean diameter, spray cone angle and spray tip penetration with extensive insight into spray break up regions and atomisation process.

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