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Analysis of Heating and Cooling Load Caused By Fenestration of a Building Located In New Delhi, India

Author : Sakthivel S R 1 Dilli Babu R 2 Sudarshan K 3 Sami Rehaman 4

Date of Publication :9th March 2018

Abstract: Recent Studies suggest that 40 percent of the energy is consumed by buildings during their operational phase alone and one of its major consumer is the HVAC system. This energy can either be traced back to a conventional source or a nonconventional source, but because HVAC system is a specific energy consumer in a building, powering it with a renewable source may be a tight call, thus resorting us to use only conventional source of energy; because pollution too is the problem that we have to consider the optimization of energy usage is of prime importance and that is where the building envelope comes into play. The main objective of this paper is to analyze the effect on cooling and heating system in a building by considering various glazing technology in windows which form a major part of building envelope. For this analysis, Casanova 3.3 software has been used and the building has been assumed to be situated in New Delhi, India.

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