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Design and Stress Analysis of Heavy Commercial Vehicle Ladder Chassis by Finite Element Method using ANSYS

Author : Sivaramapandian J 1 Vikram H 2 Sreesakthivel K 3

Date of Publication :21st December 2017

Abstract: Automotive chassis frame is most crucial element that gives strength, stability and is the structural backbone of any vehicle whose role to provide skeletal frame to which the body of an engine, axle assemblies are affixed. The chassis frame must be rigid enough to withstand the stresses, shocks and deformation occurring and its main function is to carry the maximum load for all designed operating conditions with safety in mind. Considering the fact that in India commercial vehicles carry non-uniform loads, that leads to the failure possibilities in the chassis frame. An important consideration in chassis design is to have adequate bending stiffness along with strength for better handling characteristics. Therefore, maximum shear stress, stiffness and deflection are important criteria for the chassis design. After a careful analysis of various research studies conducted so for it has been found that sufficient studies have not been conducted on variable section chassis concept. This paper emphasises on design modification in the Section of a frame and comparison of structural analysis of those sections and conventional type frame for higher strength. In this research work, we authors have adopted the dimensions of an existing heavy vehicle frame for conceptual structural changes through modelling and analysis with the help of ANSYS software.

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