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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Emission characteristics of a four-stroke single cylinder diesel engine fueled with used waste cooking oil and diesel blends

Author : Shafaque Firoj 1 Shreyoshi Nandi 2 B. Prasanth 3 Swarup Kumar Nayak 4

Date of Publication :21st February 2018

Abstract: This paper emphasizes the production of methyl ester from waste cooking oil and application of this on four-stroke single cylinder diesel engine to investigate its performance and emission characteristics. Keeping in mind about the current global energy crisis, global warming and adverse effect on human health due to the emission hazards emitted from the petrodiesel vehicles. Therefore global interest is generated to find out a substitute for the current pilot fuel. Biodiesel has attracted interest in recent times due to its oxidation characteristics and environmental benefits. Biodiesel obtained from straight vegetable oil through a process known as base catalyze transesterification process. In this process the reversible reaction between the triglyceride of vegetable oil and methanol in presence of the base catalyst (KOH) to produce glycerol and methyl ester. The methyl ester produced in this process is then blended with biodiesel in various proportions before use in a diesel engine. The experimental investigation on the engine performance shows that the Brake power, Brake thermal efficiency and exhaust gas temperature gradually increases with increase in loads. Similarly, the emission analysis with the above test fuels shows that Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide and Hydrocarbons increase with increases in load for all test fuels including the pilot fuel and Oxides of nitrogen emission increases with load and is highest for pure biodiesel. From the above experimental results, we may conclude that waste cooking methyl ester can successfully be used in a diesel engine without much engine modifications and be degrading the engine performance and emissions.

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