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Efficient Automation of Enhanced Process of Nitrogen Generation Plant Using Psa Principle by Using Plc & Scada

Author : T.Sitarambabu 1 R. Murugan 2 V.S. Hariharan 3

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: In recent days most probably all industrial processes and parameters are controlled by using PLC & SCADA programming. The industrials like Oil refineries, Steel industries, Chemical plants, Shaving products plants. Nitrogen is a corrosive gas and it is usually used in Heat treatment plants. Also, It is used to dilute reagent gases, to increase the yield of some reactions, to decrease the fire or explosion. We generate nitrogen gas by using Pressure swing adsorption principle. Working on this principle depends upon the sequencing of Adsorbing and Desorbing of Carbon molecular sieves by the sequence of tower valves. These Valves are controlled by numerous cam timers, solenoid valves, Actuators and changeover Adsorbing & Desorbing of carbon molecular strainer is depending upon the Opening and closing of PSA valves. So finally Purity of nitrogen is depending upon the multiple cam timers, solenoid valves, Actuators and changeover valves. This is semi-automated. We are developing the PLC & SCADA Programming for this process. This paper describes by adding a Booster after Nitrogen surge vessel to increase pressure and placing the old electromechanical command with the PLC and SCADA. First, it displays the ladder logic that can be implemented to operate the Nitrogen generator plant. Secondly, it exhibits installation of PLC in the plant and factors to be regarded for its installation and operation.

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