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Mechanical Characterization of Fiber Reinforced Glass Epoxy Hybrid Composite

Author : Naveen Kumar.A 1 V.M.Mahesh 2 G.Mallesh 3

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: This paper presents the study of mechanical properties of the composite reinforced with the slag and coconut shell powder. Composites have been developed by hand lay-up technique with different weight fractions of 0%,3%,6%,9%,12% of slag and coconut shell powder separate composite plates.9% of Coconut shell powder reinforced composite shows better tensile strength results when compared with the slag reinforced composite. From the XRD results, it is noticed that carbon content will be more of Coconut shell powder then slag. the flexural strength tends to increase up to 9% of reinforcement beyond the 9% material tends to exhibit brittleness. The addition slag exhibits higher impact strength when compared with coconut shell powder. Hardness number of composites increases with the addition of reinforcement.

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