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Investigation on a Twin Cylinder Diesel Engine using Jojoba oil methyl ester with Di-Methyl Carbonate

Author : Vishal Singh 1 Kintali Santosh 2 Sonal Shekhar 3 Balaka Prashanth 4 Swarup Kumar Nayak 5

Date of Publication :21st February 2018

Abstract: Due to modernization, increase the number of industries and automobiles sector the consumption of petroleum products has increased which leads to fuel crises. It was estimated consumption of diesel fuels in India was 28.30 million tonnes, which is 43.2% of the consumption of petroleum products. This requirement was met by importing crude petroleum as well as petroleum products, with the expected growth rate of diesel consumption of more than 14% per annum, for this shrinking crude oil reserves and limited refining capacity, as per the research survey petroleum products may available another 30 to 50 years, it has made us think and focus on search alternate fuels for diesel fuel. Our main objective for this work is to use and run diesel engine by 100% vegetable fuels and decreases the dependency on fossil fuels. The main objective of this work investigates the performance and emission characteristics of a twin cylinder diesel engine is fuelled with non-edible vegetable oil such as jatropha jojoba biodiesel with Di-methyl carbonate as an additive and compared with diesel fuel. The experimental setup consists of a double cylinder, oil cooled four strokes constant speed diesel engine. The experimental engine started with diesel fuel and its performance and emission readings are taken and observed at various load condition, later the admission of jojoba oil makes the engine run using dimethyl carbonate and conducting the same trail from zero loads to full load condition. Based on the performance and emission characteristics of jojoba biodiesel with additive it is concluded that it is a good alternative fuel with closer performance and good emission characteristic to that of diesel. From the results, it is concluded that Jojoba biodiesel shows better performance hence the Jojoba oil is best suitable alternatives for diesel.

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