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Factors affecting anaerobic digestion of organic waste

Author : Sonit Singh 1 Kadi Sai Kaushik 2 B.Prashanth 3 Swarup Kumar Nayak 4

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: This paper gives us an idea of the parameters affecting the anaerobic digestion of food waste on the environment. This will implant seeds of enhanced perception on how biogas can be generated from an inevitable type of waste produced across all cities. Biomass includes organic as well as inorganic waste which may consist of leftovers, kitchen(cooking) waste, cattle feed, industrial waste, slaughterhouse waste, mediwaste etc. Due to the high organic content of food waste, and animal manure anaerobic digestion plays a key role as the micro-organisms act as a catalyst in breaking down the complex organic molecules into biodegradable components in the absence of oxygen. The gas is further processed to generate electricity and it is also used as transportation fuel. This paper summarizes all the important factors that are to be considered for the efficient digestion of the waste like the optimum PH range catalyst required and temperature. Important points like loading rate, retention time and also a composition of the waste material are also taken into consideration.

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