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Reinforced Cement Concrete Bridge Deck Design of a Flyover with Analysis for Dynamic Response Due To Moving Loads for Urban Development in Transportation Systems - A Case Study

Author : Y. Kamala Raju 1 R. Mehar Babu 2 Mohd. Husssain 3

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: The present study on Practices in civil engineering for sustainable community development to meet four out of total eight Millennium Development Goals of United Nations have been taken up to improve the quality of life of Global Community by creating awareness in all concerned. This study is also relevant during the United Nations Decade of sustainable development. The four goals related to Civil Engineering are effective irrigation water management, providing safe drinking water, ensuring environmental sustainability and sustainable transportation system. As an inspiration of these goals, this paper is on the study of Reinforced Cement Concrete bridge deck design and its dynamic response to urban development in transport systems. A Reinforced Cement Concrete bridge deck is designed using the Indian Roads Congress (IRC) Bridge Code: IRC 21-1987. The bridge deck is designed for IRC Class AA loading tracked vehicle. The design curves by M. Pigeaud, are used to get Moment Coefficients in two directions for the deck slab. The longitudinal girders are designed by Courbon’s method. The dynamic response of bridge deck for moving loads is analyzed as per British Standard Code of Practice BSCP-117 Part-II – 1967. This is based on Lenzen’s criteria relating the Natural Frequency and Vibration Amplitude. A computer program in C language is developed to design interior slab panels of the Reinforced concrete bridge deck to arrive at the reinforcements and depths for a specified length of the width of slab panel and thickness of wearing the coat with Grade of concrete M-25 and Grade of steel Fe-415 High Yield Strength Deformed (HYSD) bars. The possible Global Partnership for overall development with universities, consulting organizations, government organizations and nongovernmental organizations is also to be discussed.

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