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Feasibility studies on Fibrous Self Curing Concrete Using Polypropylene Fibre

Author : Vivek Kumar C 1 Mitta Rakesh 2 Dr.M.Palanisamy 3

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: Today Water is the most required substance in the era. In common, Curing of concrete is maintaining moisture in the concrete during early ages specifically within 28 days of placing concrete, to develop desired properties. Proper curing of concrete is essential to obtain maximum durability, especially if the concrete is exposed to serve conditions where the surface will be subjected to excessive wear, aggressive solutions and severe environmental conditions. Poor curing practices adversely affect the desirable properties of concrete which make a major impact on the permeability of a given concrete. Unexpected shrinkage and temperature cracks can reduce the strength, durability and serviceability of the concrete. The surface zone will be seriously weakened by increased permeability due to poor curing. The development of concrete shrinkage is proportional to the rate of moisture loss in concrete. When concrete is properly cured, water retained in concrete would help continuous hydration and development of enough tensile strength to resist contraction stresses. The continuous development of strength reduces shrinkage and initial cracks or micro-cracks. As a part of this investigation of Fibrous Self Curing Concrete, proportion and addition of Polypropylene Fibre resulted in the formation of microcracks in order to reduce the autogenous shrinkage and improvement of durability.

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