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Investigation on Emission characteristics of a Twin Cylinder Diesel Engine using Jatropha oil methyl ester with Di-Methyl Carbonate

Author : Mrityunjay 1 Swarup Kumar Nayak 2 Sohail Akhtar 3 Devesh Kumar Sahu 4

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: A remarkable growth is observed in the automobile as well as industrial sectors and accordingly the requirement for the fossil fuels is also increasing. As a result, the amount of fossil fuels available is decreasing drastically. It is well know that modern world depends mostly on energy produced from different energy sources, because of their various uses. Most of the energy sources are fossil fuels which are getting exhausted. Therefore, many scientists from different parts of the globe are carrying out research to find an alternative source in order to replace the existing one. Biodiesel can replace the present energy crisis and further help in reducing global warming. It is mainly produced from edible and non-edible oils. Non-edible oils when blended with diesel give rise to biofuels which have exhibited a remarkable growth in the automobile industries because of their environment friendly and lubricating nature. The present paper elaborates about the emission characteristics of an agricultural diesel engine utilizing jatropha oil methyl ester with diesel blends (B10, B20 and B30). All the emission values were noted and plotted in the graph against loads varying at 0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%. The results depict that BD20 is the blend which shows the less tendency towards emissions like CO, CO2, HC, while there is a slight increment in both NOx and smoke emission in comparison to other test fuel blends which gives a conclusion that B20 is a best alternative fuel capable of replacing current petroleum diesel fuels to reduce the engine emissions..

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