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Ranking of Locations Based on Ambient Air Quality Pollution in Hyderabad City by Using MADM Technique

Author : R.Vinoth Kanna 1 2

Date of Publication :24th March 2018

Abstract: While large-scale industrialization increases the production of material goods and urbanization creates mega cities, the ill effects of these activities are reflected in the form of various environmental problems. One such problem is the deterioration of urban air quality in India and other developing countries. The main contributing factors to air pollution are the overwhelming concentration of vehicles, poor transport infrastructure and the establishment of industries in urban agglomerations. Due to constantly rising air pollution levels as well as an increasing awareness of the hazardousness of air pollutants, new laws and rules have been passed. Adverse health effects of air pollution, even at relatively low levels, remain a public concern. In the present study, the various locations in Hyderabad city are ranked based on ambient air quality by using multi attribute decision making technique. The locations are ranked based on pollutant load. The results of the study will be useful to Government to implement measures to minimize the air pollution effects on health of public.

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