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Design and Testing of Precast Structures for Seismic Forces

Author : Daya Mariam John 1 Reni Philip 2 Sarah Ravi Kumar 3 Dr. G. Hemalatha 4

Date of Publication :22nd March 2018

Abstract: In the recent years, the construction industry is slowly shifting its focus from conventional method of construction to prefabricated construction. Faster rate of construction, affordability, eco-friendly nature, joint flexibility are some of the qualities due to which prefabrication is obtaining rapid recognition in this industry. People prefer the faster rate of construction which is provided by the prefabricated construction compared to the long and tedious work of the masonry construction. Large-scale projects now undertaken have a need to be completed in the shortest span of time, hence the concept of prefabrication will be a huge hit in the coming years. In this paper, an attempt has been made to analyze the load carrying capacity of the prefabricated structure against the seismic forces. This paper shows the time history analysis results of a single degree freedom system and the multi-degree freedom system. A framed structure is designed using the codal provisions of IS456:2000. A comparative study has been made for a rigid building and precast building where the joint stiffness is reduced due to the introduction of precast joints. It has been observed that the precast joints are more flexible than the rigid joints; provided the precast joints are designed properly otherwise these joints will become vulnerable to seismic loads.

Reference :

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