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CFD Analysis of Blood Flow in Artery with Blockage

Author : Krunal Joisar 1 Ramesh Bhoraniya 2 Atal Harichandan 3

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: Blood flow is the topic of interest for mankind from the ancient time because of its usefulness. Blood is a very complex fluid which is nonhomogeneous and non-Newtonian in nature. Blood flows in the body with pulsating nature. Study of blood flow can be very helpful to improve the understanding of human body. Due to such complex nature, it is very hard to study the blood flow in by experimental analysis, but with the help of CFD, it is possible. CFD can be a very useful tool to analyze the flow of blood in complex parts of the body. Diseases related to blood flow such as atherosclerosis can be efficiently analyzed using CFD. In the present study, blood has been simulated in 2D artery considering the 75 % blockage in the artery using the commercial software ANSYS FLUENT. The grid has been generated using the ANSYS MESH. The blood flow has been analyzed at various hematocrit for three Reynolds number. The effect of the variation of hematocrit on the flow and the effect of blockage is analyzed in the present study.

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