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Design and Mathematical Modelling Of Mixed Mode Solar Dryer Applicable For Small Scale Application

Author : Pranav Mehata 1 Ramdevsinh Jhala 2 Atal Harichandan 3

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: The new mixed mode solar dryer was designed and developed. As the open sun drying technique was time-consuming as well as less efficient, the natural convection solar dryer of mixed mode was designed and developed. The design and mathematical modelling of the two-parameter absorber plate outlet temperature and the relative humidity was carried out. The dryer was operated without any load inside it and operated for the two months. The average wind speed was measured to be 0.50m/s whereas the average solar insolation was 1200W/m2 received over the inclined plate. The designed value of the absorber plate was 2.0 m2.The drying chamber was made of plastic sheet in which spectrum of solar insolation which tends to discolouration of the food products or agricultural is prevented. The ambient temperature was observed to be 28°C averagely through the experiment. The results are in good agreement with the theoretical results and dryer will be operated with the different high moisture product in the future and performance evaluation can be done. The food items with high moisture content such as 80% - 90% (w.b.) can be reduced to a final moisture content of the 10% - 15% (w.b.) in less duration as compared to the open sun drying. Also, the dryer is made be locally and economically viable material

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