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CFD Analysis of Bubble Hydrodynamics in a Steam Reactor for Hydrogen Production Chemical Looping Reforming System

Author : Akash Chavda 1 Atal Harichandan 2

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: Three reactor chemical looping reforming system is used for hydrogen production by capturing the harmful gases like CO2, NOx and SOx using a metal oxide as an oxygen carrier and steam. We investigate the bubble hydrodynamics and flow physics by the use of Ansys FLUENT which is based on finite volume approach. The numerical model of the steam reactor is also developed to understand chemical kinetics between gas-solid phases based on kinetic theory of granular flow. A Eulerian multiphase model has been used to describe the continuum principle of two-fluid models for both gas and solid phase. In the present work, steam and iron oxide is used as fuel and oxygen carrier respectively. The numerical results are validated with the experimental and numerical results available in open literature. The simulation is found to capture the bubble hydrodynamics in terms of bubble generation, rise, growth and rapture in the unsteady and steady-states in a better manner. Numerical simulations are carried out to capture the bubble hydrodynamics and the relationship between the molar fraction of products and gas phase and bubble formation. Solid volume fraction contour is used to understand the better flow physics and chemical kinetics.

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