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Flow Dynamics around Tandem Cylinders with Different Longitudinal Gaps

Author : Deep Pandya 1 Atal Harichandan 2

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: Dynamics of flow around three circular cylinders in the tandem arrangement has been investigated. Finite volume method has been employed to perform the simulations with high accuracy at Reynolds numbers Re = 100 and Re = 200. A consistent flux reconstruction scheme is considered for the explicit calculation of the primitive variables in flow domain. Due to the complexity of flow geometry, unstructured grids with triangular cells are employed for numerical simulations. The influence of longitudinal gaps (L = 2D and L = 3D) between cylinders upon flow characteristics are estimated. Streamlines and vorticity contours along with a periodic variation of lift and drag coefficients are discussed for each cylinder in the tandem configuration. The downstream cylinder in the configuration experiences very large unsteady forces that can give rise to wake-induced flutter. Also, with an increase in the longitudinal gap, flow separation or reattachment of the shear layer from the upstream cylinder to the immediate downstream cylinder are not observed. In the tandem arrangement of cylinders, the flow field behind the downstream cylinder develops from the steady state into an unsteady state as Reynolds number increases.

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