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Spatial Instability Analysis of Axisymmetric Boundary Layer on Circular Cylinder

Author : Karan Jani 1 Ramesh Bhoraniya 2

Date of Publication :15th February 2018

Abstract: This paper presents linear stability analysis of incompressible axisymmetric boundary layer on a circular cylinder. The base flow is parallel to the axis of a cylinder and hence the angle of attack is zero. The pressure gradient is zero in the streamwise direction. The mass deficit effect is smaller compared to the Blasius boundary layer. The parallel base flow assumption is considered. The stability equations are derived for the disturbance flow quantities in cylindrical polar coordinates. Chebyshev spectral collocation method is used to discretize the stability equations. The discretized equations along with boundary conditions form a general eigenvalues problem. QZ algorithm is used to compute all the eigenvalues. The spatial growth rate of the disturbances is computed for different Reynolds number and azimuthal wave numbers. It is found that for convective instability flow should be temporally unstable

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