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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Numerical Analysis of Fly Ash Slurry Transportation through Centrifugal Pump

Author : Patel Rajkumar 1 Pravinkumar Hadgekar 2 Dr. Sunil Chandel 3

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: In this work, the computational analysis of a centrifugal pump is done using ANSYS CFX. In this work, an effort is carried out on a numerical validation of a transportation of fly ash slurry through a centrifugal pump, with results available in the literature. In this work, simulation is conducted at the different concentration of fly ash slurry as well as on water to analyse the flow behavior in a centrifugal pump. This all simulation can be divided into three parts 1st is creating centrifugal pump geometry using Vista CPD tool, in next part meshing is done using the TurboGrid tool and boundary conditions are given. In last part, simulations are carried out at different concentrations (i.e. 60.4% Cw, 65.2% Cw, and 70% Cw) of fly ash slurry. Interface model used for rotor and stator interaction is frozen rotor model (i.e. rotor is impeller and stator is volute). k-Epsilon Turbulence model is used in the simulation. Results of the simulation obtained are in a similar pattern of results available in the literature. Results show that at rated speed the head developer of the pump is reduced with an increase in solid concentration and slurry flow is strongly depends on the viscosity of the slurry

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