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Non-Linear Analysis of Off-Shore Structures

Author : Akhil Bhandari 1 R.S.Patil 2 Dr.G.R.Gandhe 3

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: Performance-based design requires consideration of environmental conditions at recurrence periods well beyond those of current practice when structural damage is expected and connections are likely to behave in-elastically. The performance-based design considers both the occurrence and consequence of structural damage caused by extreme conditions and could improve the performance of offshore structures. This paper assesses the post-elastic behaviour and ductility of common connection details for offshore jacket structures based on a survey of experiments and empirical joint models and on nonlinear finite element analyses. The assessment includes common connection details under tension, compression, and bending. The prediction of the inelastic load-deformation response, based on MSL and API, two empirical joint models in the structural analysis program, USFOS, is compared to experiments. As an illustrative example to demonstrate the performance assessment capabilities of this approach, a pushover analysis is carried out for an offshore jacket structure supporting a wind turbine and subjected to extreme wind and wave loading.

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