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Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil Using Natural Geotextile

Author : S.B. Kapse 1 P.G.Gaikwad 2 S.S.Takte 3 S.S.Kulkarni 4 S.A Pawar 5

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: The soil is the major and most commonly used material in the field of Civil Engineering. Where ever it is used for construction, foundation, bricks, pavements it should provide considerable strength for the stability of the structure. The soil is a deposit of earth material, obtained naturally from the disintegration of rocks or decay of vegetation which can be excavated readily with power equipment in the field or disintegrated by mechanical means in the laboratory. There are various types of soil on the earth depending upon their material properties, size, texture &other. The black cotton soil is a type of expansive soil in which it expands in its volume in wet condition and shrinks in dry condition. Expansive soil causes more damages to the structures. Current research work shows that the strength of black cotton soil increases with increasing the percentage of rick husk (5% to 15%). Also, there may be an increase in the strength of soil by using coconut coir and jute

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