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Use of Ferrocement as a Permanent Formwork for Beams

Author : Mohd Adnan 1 Aadil Kotkar 2 Md Gause 3 Albir Singh Jabinda 4 Kavish.G.Patwari 5

Date of Publication :23rd February 2018

Abstract: Ferrocement is introduced by P L Nervi an Italian architect and engineer in 1940. Ferrocement has increased applications due to its properties such as strength, toughness, water tightness, lightness, ductility and environmental stability. Ferrocement can be fabricated into any desired shape or structural configuration that is generally not possible with standard masonry, reinforced concrete or steel. Temporary wooden or steel formworks are used nowadays for most of the concrete constructions. Since the cost of such formworks is a critical issue in the construction field. Hence it is essential to suggest an alternative material and technology for the formwork construction to replace the conventional materials and to reduce the cost. This study investigates the effectiveness of using ferrocement as a permanent formwork for the beams which are reinforced with single and double layers of chicken mesh. And this will also prevent the destruction of woods in many cases and hence the country will be benefited to a great extent. Therefore, this research work investigates the possibility of using such a versatile material as a permanent formwork for reinforced concrete beams.

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