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A Review Paper On “Multiobjective Optimization Of Process Parameters In Shielded Metal Arc Welding For Joining Stainless Steel 304l And Mild Steel 1018

Author : Abhiram M Budrukkar 1 Umesh S. Patil 2

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: The Quality of weld mainly depends on mechanical properties of the weld metal and heat affected zone (HAZ), In this research work the review of Multiobjective optimization of welding process parameters for obtaining greater weld strength with good mechanical properties of dissimilar metals like stainless steel 304l and Mild steel 1018 is done. The process used for welding is shielded Metal Arc welding and dissimilar metal used are stainless steel 304l and mild steel 1018. Welding speed, voltage, current, electrode angle, feed rate, Arc length are taken as controlling variables. The weld strength (N/mm2) and Bead geometry variables and Heat Affected Zone are obtained through set of experiment. Based on the previous research, the possible best outcomes and best method has been chosen.

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