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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Material Considerations for Repairs and Rehabilitations of Structure: An effective factor in reshaping Architectural Character

Author : Swapna Ashok Dhavale 1 Leena Prasad Aphale 2

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: All the Buildings and structures constructed over a period of time have a certain lifespan, depending on the materials and technology adopted therein. There are large numbers of buildings which are to be cherished as important structures in various aspects which have stood well over a period of time. The aspects may vary from being heritage, civic or simply being a distinct masterpiece of a particular era. Many of these buildings in course of time exhibit a sign of distress. The reason for this distress may vary. It may be due to its age, exposure to the hostile natural environment, pollution or sheer negligence in its maintenance or misuse and overloading of the structure etc. Repair and Rehabilitation is defined as the process of achieving the original state of structure when it undergoes any sort of defects or deterioration or destruction. Repair and Rehabilitation is an Artwork, which not only extends the life of a structure but also ensures that the structure stays intact exhibiting the character of the construction and architecture of a particular era. Restoration of structure is an ultimate aim of Repair and Rehabilitation, Restoring the structural as well as design character of the building. Architectural identity of any structure is governed by the choice of materials and techniques adopted, which have been unique to that period. Hence it becomes obvious that due consideration shall be given in selecting not only suitable but relevant materials for Repair and Restoration works of such structures. However in due course of time, in the process of this restoration the focus remains on the strength of the material unconsciously neglecting the architectural character governed by that material. This paper throws light on the facts that due consideration to be given on this aspect of material selection, in the Repairs and Rehabilitation process. It put forth an urge that selection of Materials for Repairs and Rehabilitation of Structure plays an important role in reshaping the Architectural Character of a particular era.

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