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Performance Evaluation of Sewage Treatment Plant

Author : A. Nithin Kumar 1 V.R. Uma 2 V. Vamsi Krishna Reddy 3 J. Karthikeyan 4 M. Srimurali 5 K. Sandeep Kumar 6

Date of Publication :11th April 2018

Abstract: Current increases in population growth have resulted in an increased quantity of waste generation. These wastes pose a serious threat to public health when they are not readily disposed of. The use of domestic wastewater for irrigation is advantageous for many reasons including water conservation, ease of disposal, nutrient utilization, and avoiding surface water pollution. So, treated domestic wastewater reuse prevents the risk to both public and the environment. An attempt is made to evaluate the performance of sewage treatment plant, Block-C near Gangamma gudi area in Tirumala with capacity of 5 MLD. Considerable reductions in pollutant loads were achieved by using coagulants such as Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC), Lime and Poly Electrolyte (PE).The optimum dosage was found to be 50 mg/l of PAC, 50 mg/l of Lime and PE of 2 mg/l. COD removal of about 90% and turbidity removal is 100% at the optimum dosage of coagulants and the optimum cost for treating 5 MLD wastewater is about 10815Rs/-.

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