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Recent Advances in Metal Surface Treating Technology-Review

Author : S. J. Parihar 1 S.T.Purkar 2

Date of Publication :15th February 2018

Abstract: New materials like micro-alloy steels, titanium-nitride or vanadium nitride inserts, super alloys, composite materials, magnetic materials, electric and electronic materials, hard and wear resistant tool steels etc. have been developed in the last fifty years. Development of these and many more new materials have necessitated the development of new heat treatment technologies which are more efficient, environment-friendly and commercially viable. In the beginning, metallic components were being treated using conventional heat treating technics like annealing, normalizing, hardening, tempering, surface hardening by carburizing, nitriding, flame hardening, induction hardening etc. Over the years heat treating technologies have been evolved to modern and more efficient, more accurate and more environmentally friendly and commercially viable techniques. This paper gives a brief review of the conventionally used surface hardening heat treating techniques along with the newly developed techniques such as laser beam hardening, electron beam hardening, ion implantation, plasma heat treatments, aqueous plasma heat treatments etc. Instrumentation and process control have contributed remarkably in taking the heat treating technology to a higher level and some light is thrown on this aspect too.

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