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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
A Novel Technology for Treatment of Oil Field Produced Water of Upper Assam basin

Author : Konwar D 1 Gogoi SB 2 Machahary B 3

Date of Publication :23rd March 2018

Abstract: Produced water (PW) is a complex mixture of organic and inorganic compounds and the largest volume of by-product generated during crude oil recovery operations. It contains substantial quantity of contaminants and other suspended particles and so, it cannot be disposed directly or cannot be injected to the sub-surface for secondary recovery purposes keeping in view of the environmental concerns. Therefore, evaluation of PW characteristics is important and essential for both environment and reservoir management. This study deals with quantification and qualification of physical and chemical parameters of PW collected from different depths and horizons of Upper Assam oil fields and treat it by a self-designed novel technology. The characterization of PW is analyzed and compared with the World Health Organization (WHO) specification to meet the minimum discharge regulations of waste water for a greener ecosystem. The novel technology is the design of the treatment technology by intervention of different membrane technologies. Hollow fibre set-up was used for the treatment of PW by incorporating filter membranes of the order of micro, ultra and nano sizes. The fouling effect of the membranes were found to be minimum. All the membranes showed optimum efficiency with respect to their treatment performances.

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