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Effect of reinforcement of LM6 with SiC on mechanical behavior of Metal matrix composites

Author : Samant Gaurish Mahabaleshwar 1 2

Date of Publication :22nd March 2018

Abstract: A phrase heard often in recent years, advanced composite materials like Al/SiC metal matrix composite is gradually becoming very important materials in auto and aerospace industries due to their superior properties. The present study examines the mechanical properties of aluminium LM6/SiC Silicon carbide reinforced particles metal-matrix composites (MMCs) by varying weight fractions of SiC. For this LM6/SiC reinforced particles, MMCs are fabricated by stir casting method at air atmosphere. The MMCs are prepared in the form of bars with varying the reinforced particles by weight fraction ranging from 3 %, 5 % & 7 %. The reinforced particles size of SiC is 150μm. The microstructure study shows that the distribution of particles becomes better with increasing weight fraction of SiC. The Mechanical properties like Hardness (HRB), BHN & Wear resistance are investigated on prepared specimens of MMCs. It was observed that the hardness & wear resistance of the composite is increased gradually

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