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Blast Load Resistance of Cold-Formed Steel Hollow and Infilled Column

Author : Pooja Gadekar 1 Divya Joshy 2 M.Helen Santhi 3

Date of Publication :19th April 2018

Abstract: Cold Formed Steel Tube (CFST) members are commonly used as columns in the construction of low to medium height industrial and domestic buildings. Their structural behaviour is enhanced by filling the tubes with concrete and other materials. The infilled members are superior to the hollow members in resisting axial and lateral loads due to the composite action. An attempt has been made in this paper to analyse the cold formed steel short hollow and infilled column of dimension 150mm x150mm x 5mm with column height 1.5m subjected to blast loading at the standoff distances of 0.5m,1m,1.5m respectively using the software LSDYNA. The grade of concrete used as infill is M30 grade. The intensity of blast remains constant and the blast load is applied at ground and mid-height of columns. Strain and stress levels are higher in hollow column than that of infilled column. The deflection is found to be less in infilled column

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