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Experimental Study on Flexural Behaviour of Chemically Activated High Volume Fly Ash Reinforced Concrete Beam

Author : Revathi.V 1 Bhuvaneswari.D 2 Thiyagu.K 3

Date of Publication :1st April 2018

Abstract: In the present study, an attempt has been made to investigate the flexural behaviour of chemically activated high volume fly ash concrete (AHVFAC) with crushed sand as the fine aggregate. Three series of mix proportions were made with different cement content. In each series, the optimum percentage of fly ash to replace cement was determined based on the compressive strength of high volume fly ash concrete (HVFAC). NaOH was used as an activator to boost up the strength of HVFAC at an earlier age. Flexural behaviour like load, defection, ductility, stiffness and energy absorption was studied and the results are compared with control beam and HVFAC beam. The test results indicate that the flexural behaviour of AHVFAC has a significant spectacle over HVFAC

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