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Numerical Simulation of Updraft Gasifier in Ceramic Industry under Different Values of Equivalence Ratios

Author : Bhargav Manek 1 Hardik Ramani 2

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: Energy is the vital requirement for any industry and due to more industrialization; its demand is increasing highly. Coal is one of the major fuel sources for power and process heating. Direct combustion of coal is one of the main reasons of pollution. Coal gasification is a Non-Conventional technology to produce heat in an economical way by generating a product of carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas called synthesis gas. In the present study, numerical simulation of updraft gasifier with coal as a fuel has been performed. The Euler-Lagrange approach is used to describe gasification process. The present numerical study is carried out based on the gasifier used for industrial purposes manufactured by Radhe Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. situated in Rajkot, Gujarat. ANSYS Fluent V 17.2 has been used for the CFD simulations. The operating parameters for the present simulation were taken from ceramic industry situated in Morbi, Gujarat. Validation of numerical work was done with experimental data that shows good agreement. Effect of equivalence ratio (E.R.) is studied on the output syngas. Results show that industry is working with E.R. value 0.295 and optimized E.R. value is 0.32 in the present study. By increasing E.R. value we found that syngas component fraction is decreasing.

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