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Computational Analysis of Aerodynamics Effects of a Rear Wing/Spoiler of Formula –1Car

Author : Piyush Chavda 1 Darshan Ajuida 2

Date of Publication :18th April 2018

Abstract: Formula vehicle becomes very known to almost anyone due to peoples having so much love and passion on Racing and Automobiles vehicles. Aerodynamics plays a important role in efficiency of the vehicle and engine performance. To maximize the performance of the vehicle, the aerodynamics forces acting on the automobile vehicle and how to utilize those forces for increasing the performances and stability. A wing or car spoiler is accessory that generally attached to the rear end of the automobiles vehicles like car, and normally mounted on top of a car's trunk or positioned under the front bumper. The low pressure zone at back end creates drag force on vehicle is overcome by using rear Spoiler. The different designs of rear spoiler used are based on the different type of the automobile vehicles used, therefore aerodynamic shape of the automobile bodies and the point of the rear spoiler is important in this analysis. In this study, we have selected formula-1 car spoiler for our analysis purpose. To perform analysis we use commercial software CREO for solid modeling of F1 car body. After that for analysis we use CFD tools. By this analysis we can find out lift and drag forces, pressure and velocity distributions. Possibly we may improve aerodynamics of F1 car body.

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