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Structure Design of FDM Full color 3D Printer Extrusion Device

Author : Kianoush Haghsefat 1 Prof.Liu TingTing 2 Soroush Haghsefat 3

Date of Publication :18th April 2018

Abstract: Assam, a state in the north eastern part of India and a biodiversity hotspot is an abode of a number of ethnic communities like Karbi, Bodo, Hajong, Tai –Khamyangs, Ahom, Deori, Koch Rajbonshi, Chutia, Sonowal, Kachari, Mising, Rabha, Tiwa, Dimasa, Lalung, Chorei and many more. Each community intricately interwoven in the region’s fabric yet retaining their distinct identity. Each ethnic community have their own traditional ethno medicinal practice. The World Health Organisation states that 65-80% of world population in developing countries depend on plants for Primary health care. In recent years, with the changing Health and Disease scenario world over, Ayurveda’s health maintenance advocations like ‘Rasayana’ has found immense relevance. The use of ethno pharmacological, ethno botanical information has also gained tremendous attention in the scientific community. This reiterates that Ayurveda and ethno medicine needs to be looked at from multiple perspectives like: 1. Understanding ethnic health seeking behaviour. 2. Ayurveda and its health maintenance advocations like Rasayana. 3.Ethno medicinal knowledge and its viable role in devising an economic and cost effective treatment modality. 4. Relevance today in terms of the present health and disease scenario.

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