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Effect of Skew Angle on the Seismic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Skew Deck Bridges

Author : Faheem Ahmad Khan 1 Dr.(Prof.)Kailash Narayan 2

Date of Publication :18th April 2018

Abstract: The effect of various skew angles during a seismic disturbance on a single reinforced concrete deck of a bridge has been presented in this paper using finite element analysis. The time history of Bhuj earthquake, India has been applied on the models. This study focuses on parameters such as total deformation, equivalent plastic strain, maximum principal stress and shear stress and a comparison between the behaviour at the time of seismic disturbances on a normal reinforced bridge deck and skew reinforced bridge deck at different angles such as 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°. The deck considered is of dimensions as recommended by the ‘Standard Plans for Highway Bridges’ published by Ministry of Shipping and Transport, India. According to the results as obtained from analysis clearly shows that there is a change in behaviour of the reinforced concrete deck as the angle of skew changes from 0° to 60°.

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