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Analysis of bubble deck slab using different materials

Author : Shreya Singh 1 Dr.(Prof.) Kailash Narayan 2

Date of Publication :18th April 2018

Abstract: Reinforced concrete slab is an essential component of the structure. Various parameters such as span, depth and reinforcement are designed as per standard codes. Due to large amount of concrete used to cast these slabs, dead weight also increases. Heavier structures are less desirable as compared to lighter structures as it involves larger costs, time and labour. An alternative to this type of conventional slab is a bubble deck slab which introduces bubbles made up of various materials which reduce the overall weight of the slab. Various studies have shown that the weight of the bubble deck slab reduces by approximately 35% as compared to the self weight of the conventional reinforced concrete slab. In this study conventional slab was compared with bubble deck slab made up of various materials using finite element analysis on ANSYS Workbench 14.0. Total deformation for conventional reinforced concrete slab and bubble slabs made up of glass reinforced polymer fibres, carbon reinforced polymer fibres and epoxy were analysed and compared. This study showed that different values of total deformation was obtained for bubble deck made up of materials like carbon reinforced polymer fibres, glass reinforced polymer fibres, epoxy and conventional reinforced concrete slab.

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