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Optimization of Location of Shear Wall in Irregular Multi Storey Building

Author : Saurabh Mishra 1 V.K. Singh 2

Date of Publication :18th April 2018

Abstract: Shear wall is commonly designed to resist the lateral loads such as wind or earthquake load which causes damage to the buildings. Shear wall is a plate like slender structure having large value of stiffness, which resist lateral load in their own plane and also resist the gravity load. Shear wall gives better performance when it is designed properly and placed at optimum location in the building plan. This paper optimizes the location of shear wall based on story drift, story displacement, and torsion of different models on ‘H’ shape irregular plan building. The results were based on chosencompared parameters with ‘H’ shape plan of without shear wall and with varying location of shear wall using ETABS software

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