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Tyre-Road Noise Generation and Mitigation Strategies in Pavements –A Review

Author : Anupam B R 1 Anjali Balan L 2 Dr. Sunil Sharma 3

Date of Publication :25th April 2018

Abstract: The increasing vehicular traffic in urban area results in the increase of traffic related noise. Presently the traffic related noise pollution is a serious issue like all the other forms of pollution. The main sources of traffic noise generation are vehicles, tyreroad interaction and sound of wind around a moving automobile. For speed greater than 40km/hr, tyre-road noise is the major factor in noise emission. The noise reduction technique at source level is more economical than other techniques. This paper studies about different noise generation and noise amplification mechanisms in pavements, and different measures to reduce the tyre-road noise in pavements. The noise reduction techniques for the concrete and asphalt pavements are discussed in detail.

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