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Experimental Investigation of Friction Stir Welding and its effect on Mechanical and Microstructure of Al-6063 Alloy

Author : Rajeev Satsangi 1 V M Sai Prem Tammana 2

Date of Publication :25th April 2018

Abstract: Friction stir welding (FSW) is also known as solid state joining process used for welding Aluminum and its alloy. Application of this FSW is widely used in ship-building, railway rolling stock, automobiles, marine, and aerospace etc. FWS is mainly carried out on vertical milling machine for welding AL and its alloys. Many researches have been done in this regarding Microstructure, tools parameter, tool materials, material flow and defect formation during welding process. Present study deals with experimental study of joining of Al-6063 alloy using FSW on vertical milling machine using high carbon steel tool rotating at different rpm at uniform pressure and uniform feed rate. After welding process Micro-Structure and hardness is carried out.

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