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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Preparation and Analysis of Flexural Strength of Epoxy Based Hybrid Composites Reinforced with Banana/Graphene/Glass Fiber

Author : Ramesh Kumar S 1 H.K.Shivananad 2 Madegowda B 3 Nanjundaswamy 4

Date of Publication :16th May 2018

Abstract: The role of natural and manmade fibers reinforced hybrid composite materials are growing in a faster rate in the field of engineering and technology due to its favorable properties. In the present unsustainable environmental condition natural fibers are serving better material in terms of biodegradability, low cost, high strength and corrosion resistance when compared to conventional materials. The benefits of components and products designed and produced in hybrid composite materials instead of metals recognized by many industries. The main objective is to fabricate the Banana/Glass fiber hybrid composite filled with graphene as nano filler and to evaluate the flexural strengthof hybrid composites. The different types of hybrid laminates without filler, 0.5, 1 & 1.5Wt % of graphene are fabricated by using banana and glass fiber as reinforcing materials with epoxy resin. The specimen were prepared according to ASTM standards and results shows that the composites with filler gives better results than composites without graphene filler.

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