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Rapid Composting Through Enzymatic Application in Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste during Aerobic Composting Process

Author : Murugesan V 1 Joshua Amarnath.D 2 Shanmugam P 3

Date of Publication :29th March 2018

Abstract: This paper describes the windrow composting of municipal solid waste in large scale composting reactor where solid waste was converted into matured manure with short span of time. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) consists of organic (Biodegradable) and inorganic (Non-Biodegradable) wastes, in which the organic waste degrades naturally in 50-60 days. The addition of prepared inoculums into the composting reactor fastens the composting process rapidly by the action of enzymatic hydrolysis which reduced the time span and the volume of municipal solid waste to lower extent. Initially, higher organic carbon was observed in the reactor which was reduced into 50% of the initial organic carbon content, confirms the reduced volume of municipal solid waste in the reactor to 75% of initial volume. Eventually, the nutrient (NPK) evaluation confirms that the organic waste was converted into matured manure. Moreover, the C/N ratio of initial and final phase of composting reactor was analyzed for the confirmation of matured manure

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