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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Effect of Masonary Wall on Reinforced Concrete Frames under Earthquake Demands

Author : Neelesh chaudhary 1 V.K. Singh 2

Date of Publication :14th May 2018

Abstract: Infill walls are considered to non-bearing structural members but affect not only structure masses also lateral rigidities which may cause free vibration behavior of the buildings. Although infill walls are not considered structural members, they are acting together with the frame when subjected to seismic loads. Analyze and calculation models including infill wall contribution are difficult and complex especially on major construction projects. Behavior of masonry infilled R.C. frames under seismic loads should be modeled to consider the effect of the infill walls on the seismic performance of the structure. In this study an overview of the modelling methods of infill walls in reinforced concrete frames is presented. The advantages or disadvantages of the presented methods are discussed and an easy and effective procedure is suggested for using in practice design. Present paper describe the nature of RC frame building with G + 11 storey with masonry infill materials of brick masonry. Completely fill, bare frame, soft storey, multiple opening frame models are studied. Effect on various parameters like base shear, displacement, storey drift etc are taking into account. Infill walls are modelled as pin-jointed single equivalent diagonal strut. All analysis was carried on software Etabs. Result from study conducted have shown that infill walls increases base shear, stiffness while displacement, time period and drift have been reduced.

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