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Seismic Response of Multistory Building with Floating and Setback Columns

Author : Altaf Husain 1 Dr.Kailash Narayan 2

Date of Publication :21st May 2018

Abstract: he purpose of this research is to show significant points which can be used in the architectural design process by investigating the basic principles of earthquake resistant design. In present scenario, multi-storey buildings in urban cities are designed with various levels of irregularities in accordance with shortage of space, population and also for aesthetic and functional requirements.One of the vertical irregularities is due to floating column and setback column.There are many projects in which floating columns are adopted, especially above the ground floor, so that more open space is available in the ground floor. In the present study, effects of floating and setback column in RC frames building subjected to seismic loads was investigated. The effect of earthquake forces on various building models for various parameters is proposed to be carried out with the help of Nonlinear Time History analysis methods. Different model of the frame are developed by using ETABS softwarefor G+9 multi-storey RC buildings to carry out comparative study of structural parameters such as time period, storey displacement andtorsionunder seismic excitation.Further from the study, it was concluded that building with discontinuity in column performed poorly under seismic excitation as various structural parameter exceed limit value describe by code at some specific point of time.

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