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Comparison of Seismic Performance of MultiStoried RCC Buildings with Plan Irregularity

Author : Gaurav Kumar 1 Prof. V.K. Singh 2

Date of Publication :17th May 2018

Abstract: Earthquake is one of the most devastating natural disaster that not only causes loss of life but also causes loss of economy. The buildings which have plan irregularity in forms of torsion irregularity, reentrant corner, diaphragm discontinuity, non-parallel lateral load resisting system etc. are subjected to more severe damages during earthquake excitation in comparison to regular building. In this study a regular square shape and three irregular building shape as ‘L’ shape, ‘C’ shape, ‘T’ shape are chosen for the study of seismic behavior. All the four models are modelled, conforming to IS code 1893:2002 part1 and analyzed by using Etabs software. The parameters such as time period, base shear, story stiffness are studied for four models. The main objective of this study isthat, after analysis using Linear Time history method, comparison of seismic performance of different models was performed and most vulnerable building shape against earthquake forces was located in thishm Natural disaster, plan irregularity, reentrant corner, seismic excitation, seismic vulnerable etc.

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