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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Comparative Study of Bubble Deck Slab Using Different Materials

Author : Shreya Singh 1 Dr. Kailash Narayan 2

Date of Publication :22nd May 2018

Abstract: Slab is one of the largest structural members which consume structural concrete. The slab of greater thickness should be provided in the building if span of the slab is more or it is subjected to larger loads. Due to greater thickness of the slab, more amount of concrete and steel are being used and this leads to the increase in its self weight. To overcome this problem several researches are being conducted which results into the construction of slab of less weight that is elimination of excess concrete from the slab which is of no use. Therefore this leads to the construction of bubble deck slab. This paper deals with the analysis of bubble deck slab in which bubbles are made up of different materials which are high density poly ethylene and high density polypropylene and then comparing them with the reinforced concrete conventional slab using finite element analysis on ANSYS Workbench 14.0. Total deformation was calculated for the bubble slab made of high density poly ethylene, high density poly propylene and epoxy and for the conventional slab. Also the percentage reduction is calculated for the slabs and then these data were compared. The primary objective of this work is to compare the structural performance of the bubble deck slab with the reinforced concrete slab.

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