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Parametric Study of Conventional Slab and Flat Slab in a Multi Storey RC Building

Author : Shriya Bhatt 1 Dr. Kailash Narayan 2

Date of Publication :14th May 2018

Abstract: Flat slab system is a construction in which beams are not used as in the case of conventional slabs. In such way the economy of project, architectural appearance, speed of construction, less weight of super structure are the advantages possessed by a flat slab over a conventional RC framed structure. However, because of no use of beams in flat slab the lateral stiffness is reduced which effects the overall performance of flat slab when subjected to seismic excitation.Inthe present study, two different types of slabs namely conventional and flat slabs were taken in a G+15 multistoreybuilding and the seismic behaviour of the two systems were compared in seismic zone IV .The analysis was done using elastic time history method analysis in ETABS2016 software according to rules and regulations of Indian standard code.

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