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Seismic Analysis of Regular Configuration of Multi Storey Building with Rigid and Flexible Base under Different Soil Conditions

Author : Sweta Kushwaha 1 V.K.Singh 2

Date of Publication :22nd May 2018

Abstract: The supporting soil influences the behaviour of the structure due to its ability to deform. The rigid support neglects all these deformations. The response of the structure with flexible foundation has been done in this study. The difference in behaviour between rigid and flexible support structure if not taken into account could lead to inaccuracy in assessing the structural safety. Time history analysis is done to consider the seismic forces. The analysis of the buildings is carried out in ETAB 2016. All the soil parameters required which defines the classification of soil has been together computed from IS 1893(II). The influence of different soil conditions, number of stories, and type of footing has been taken to observe the change in the structural behaviour of the structure. The seismic response of structure due to the effect of soil flexibility depends on both the soil property and structural property.

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