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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Energy Dissipation System in Multistorey Building

Author : Abhishek Kumar Maurya 1 V.K. Singh 2

Date of Publication :21st May 2018

Abstract: Frequent earthquake round the globe and large number of structures vulnerable to it have necessitated the need for structural response control to gain pace in application around the globe. The seismic performance as well as behavior of structure ameliorated if this dynamic energy is vanished in a manner independent of structural component. In this present paper vibration parameter of the multi-story RC building are analyzed. The comparison between the seismic behavior of fixed base without damper building to the planned building in which dampers are incorporated at different location i.e. at Middle and at Corners bays of each story. G+10 building model is taken and it is situated in seismic zone V and the analysis is carried out on all models to get the variation in structural behavior of the fixed RC building without damper and the building linked with viscous damper at different locations. The analysis id done through Time history analysis using software ETABS 2016. For Time History Method, seismic event of India(Sikkim)-Nepal-Border Region into calculation of Mode Shapes and Base shear under dynamic loading of RC building that have been studied in this paper.

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