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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Review on Free Piston Engine

Author : Omkar R. Girame 1 Hemant V. Kadam 2 Ashvini B. Sayambar 3 Nilesh D. Bagul 4

Date of Publication :26th April 2018

Abstract: The research of the Free-Piston Engine is taking up pace since the last two decades mainly carried by the Dutch companies NOAX and the Innas. The research in free piston engines has recently concentrated on hydraulic versions but some development in electric version has also been reported. This seminar mainly discusses the case study of the CHIRON (Pronunciation ky’-Rahn) Free Piston Engine, which is a hydraulic free piston engine developed by the Dutch companies Innas, and NOAX. CHIRON in the Greek mythology was a Centaur: neither a horse nor a man but a synthesis of a man and a horse. Similarly, the CHIRON discussed in this paper is neither an engine nor a pump: it is a combination – or better – an integration of an engine and a pump. In CHIRON the combustion energy is directly converted into Hydraulic energy. The CHIRON features direct electronic control of the injection parameters, the flow, and the compression ratio. The flow output is controlled by means of Pulse Pause Modulation of the piston frequency. The CHIRON is designed for the common pressure rail systems. In these systems, the hydraulic energy is supplied through a common rail. Special attention will be paid specific characteristics of the CHIRON compared to conventional engines and pumps

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