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Retrofitting of Existing Structure with CFRP by using Pushover Analysis

Author : S. P. Salunkhe 1 G. S. Jadhav 2 K. R. Suryawanshi 3

Date of Publication :26th April 2018

Abstract: The seismic evaluation of existing building is the strengthening of building for pre earthquake or post-earthquake. Strengthening is required to increase capacity of structure to resist specific demand of earthquake. Strengthening may be carried out in existing seismically deficient building or earthquake damaged building.Seismic evaluation and retrofitting are undertaken for the life -line building, such as hospital, police station, fire station, major administrative building, school, educational building, historical monument etc.. Mostly the strengthening of existing building carried by two ways i.e. jacketing and Carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP).The aim of this paper to evaluate the response of existing building by using linear analysis and nonlinear analysis. The analysis was carried out on existing building which G+3 located in Pune (Seismic zone III) by SAP2000 with help of guidelines following code I.S 1893:2002 (Part I), FEMA356, ATC 40.Based on the result of analysis the capacity of existing building for the given demand earthquake .study and the structure was not achieved the specific demand of earthquake, strengthening of existing was carried out by using CFRP. The comparison of existing building with and without FRP was carried out ,It was observed that with retrofitting that building result which based on pushover curve, hinge formation pattern, and inter storey drift ratio formation was within limit

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